Welcome to Women Excelling Everywhere! (formally Women Entrepreneurs ExtraordinaireBecause WEE are so much more than just entrepreneurs! WEE provide solid business education and resources to help you, the Women Excelling Everywhere, grow in your business, personal life, and expand your influence.

You have natural gifts waiting to be discovered. As a WEE member, you will grow your network while learning everything you need to thrive in your business and personal life!

What's Keeping You From Excelling?

You took your big idea and created a business you should be proud of. Or, you're making waves and standing out in the corporate (or medical, etc.) world. Or perhaps you're entering that next phase in your personal life, like moving on after a divorce or going back to school as an adult. But what happens when inertia strikes? Without the proper resources, women can feel stuck because they don't know what to do next.

When this happens, it's easy for self-doubt to take over if you aren't getting the results you were hoping for. And once stress kicks in, our brains like to shift into distractions to avoid taking on tasks that feel overwhelming.

It's okay if this is a familiar story.

WEE hear you, WEE see your struggle, and WEE feel your frustration. Why?

Because we've been there.

How Do WEE Make This Possible?


As a WEE member, you will grow your network by tapping into the wisdom of other women as you mastermind the growth of your business, or grow your community in your personal life.


Our workshops will teach you to build a solid foundation for your business around your natural gifts and expand your influence as you grow. Or learn how your natural gifts can improve every aspect of you and your loved ones' lives.

1:1 Coaching

Through 1:1 coaching, WEE will do a deep dive into what's really holding you back as we begin training your brain for success, whether business or personal!

What a great group of women! Thank you for welcoming me and for the wonderful community!

Merrit Shuler

Work-From-Anywhere Leader |E-Commerce Entrepreneur |Exit-Strategy Advocate |Isagenix Sales |Global Lux Home & Pet Sitter

Hi, WEE Are Women Excelling Everywhere...

...the beautiful brainchild of our fearless leader, Julie Brain Lady Anderson, who is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur. Julie struggled with the sleepless nights and the paralyzing fear of not knowing how to move forward—all while raising a family. She finally realized there was a lot she needed to learn to grow and integrate her business with her home life.

WEE were born from women entrepreneurs or in any business needing more networking support. So, Julie became the leader of the local WEE Meetup group in the Sacramento CA area, teaching women business basics and how to feel confident in making connections that would take their business to the next level. In only a few years, WEE's reach grew exponentially!

WEE is much more than your typical networking group. Instead of pounding the pavement to get referrals, WEE teach stuck women with careers what it means to build a thriving, sustainable business.

Starting a business is an amazing accomplishment that no one can ever take away from you. But it takes education and the support of a network to get clients.

If you're an entrepreneur and unsure how to find your ideal clients and the idea of networking overwhelms you, you're in the right place. WEE is here to guide you every step of the way!

What if you are not in need of business help? WEE got you! Whether you're a new mom, or transitioning back into an empty house after your kids have moved out, or beginning the single life after the end of marriage, or just want some assistance finding the next step in your journey. WEE got you! You are made up of beautiful, natural gifts and WEE want to help you embrace them.

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Let's break down your barriers so you can make your mark and excel everywhere!