Gillian Christie

Founder/CEO Christie & Co
Work Phone: 805.969.3744 Website: Christie & Co
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For more than 27 years, Gillian has helped ethical companies reach new markets and grow by transforming them into winning brands. Prior to starting her full-service marketing and communications agency Christie & Co, she worked in international finance and spent many years as the host of a syndicated green radio talk show. Though communicating via the airwaves was a childhood dream of hers, she eventually decided that she could not change the world to the degree she wanted to as a radio host.
In 1994 she founded Christie & Co as its CEO has rebranded hundreds of businesses that benefit humanity and the planet for greater success in the market. The hundreds of companies she has rebranded are in a variety of different industries such as food and beverage, health and wellness, green building and construction, and agriculture. By helping ethical companies realize their dreams, Gillian is “helping the good guys win,” as she puts it, which makes the world a better place.
Categories: Branding, Communications, Marketing