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Author Through Phantom Eyes Novel Series
Sacramento CA Website: Through Phantom Eyes
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Theodora Bruns is the mother of five daughters, grandmother of ten grandchildren, and great-grandmother of three great-grandchildren. She lives with two of her daughters and son-in-law in Northern California, along with their three cats.

She was raised loving music and musical theater. Consequently, she could often be found attending a musical event of some sort. But there was one event that would change her life forever. During the summer of 2002, she purchased tickets to see The Phantom of the Opera performed by Brad Little in Sacramento, California, and, as with all the other musical events, the music and story moved her to tears. But that performance created tears that were different. As they were shed, they traveled to her heart and there they remained and began to affect her in ways that took her several weeks to understand.

During the next two years, she sat in an audience and, with tears, watched and listened to many, many performances of Music of the Night, nearly all of them preformed by Brad Little. When the film version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical was released, she also saw it many, many times, and each time her tears flowed and continued to have that same effect on her heart. Also during that two year period, she began writing her thoughts about this mysterious man named Erik and what she wanted his life to be like. She did extensive research about him and the time he lived in, and that knowledge was added to what was, by that time, several volumes about Erik’s life. For many years, she was rarely seen without her laptop or notebook, writing her ideas about the Phantom that stirred in her imagination.

The end result? There are eight volumes in the novel series, which are packed full of Erik’s emotional thoughts and adventurous life. Volumes one through six may be the first books she’s sent to the publishers, but, since there are two more volumes waiting in the wings, it’s certain they won’t be her only books to rest on the bookshelves of many a Phantom enthusiasts.

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