Vix Munro

Owner/Founder Retire Rich
Work Phone: 44.07595.760577 Website: Retire Rich with Vix
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Vix Munro is an entrepreneur, author, money enthusiast & eternal optimist. Her background is in accountancy, economics and pricing, with a career spanning over 30 years. This includes an M.Sc. in Economics and running her own business for the last 12 of those years.

Vix is passionate about money, investing and the economy. Her mission is to help women step into their financial power and become money savvy in life and in business. She believes we all have the ability to transform our money mindset, rewrite our money story and become financially empowered. And that this can be liberating, life changing and fun.

Vix was born and raised in New Zealand. She arrived in London at age 23 with just £30 in her pocket and not looked back. She doesn’t like sitting still. She loves to travel and see, taste and try new things.

Categories: Author, Consulting, Financial Services