January 12

Why WEE Are Women Excelling Everywhere! with Kelli “Pinky” Cooper


WEE are now Women Excelling Everywhere! Why? Because WEE are SO much that just entrepreneurs. WEE are here to support and hear the stories and life-changing advice from women everywhere! WEE still want the stories of how you blazed your own path in the business world, or shattered the glass ceiling of your corporation, or how you overcame insurmountable odds to change your life after a divorce. Wisdom from Women Excelling Everywhere in life!

WEE are having our moment and WEE want to know your story. Join us as our Brain Lady Julie and the Pinky to her Brain, Kelli, chat about the changes and exciting new ways for you to engage. 2024, here WEE come!


Brain Lady Julie, Julie Anderson, Kelli Cooper, Pinky and the Brain, Rebrand, WEEPodcast, Women Excelling Everywhere

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