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Women Excelling Everywhere in collaboration with AMA Publishing, an award winning, international company, has come together to publish the Women Excelling Everywhere book!


Discover What Defines Their Passion and Success

In collaboration with Julie Anderson, CEO of Your Best Mind, LLC. and the Brain Lady behind WEE, has collected stories from women from around the globe to share how their passion led to their success in business and in life.

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WEE have 100% 5 star rating!

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"There are a lot of books out there on empowerment or women's empowerment, but Women Excelling Everywhere stands out. The honesty with which each author writes is so refreshing and endearing I know that I will revisit these chapters again and again for inspiration and support. It made me want to tell my story!"



"The contributions to Women Excelling Everywhere from these amazing authors are phenomenal. Fantastic insight into being a successful entrepreneur, parent, community leader, artist and so much more! A lesson in how we all travel through peaks and valleys during our lives. While all the contributing authors are women, this book helps us all to look inside and work to be the best version of ourselves. We are all in this together, female or male."

Michael J Biselli


"These ladies hold nothing back. They share everything from trials and tribulations to successes along the way. You can't help but feel moved and inspired by these stories and the rawness that is shared by each of these women's. I recommend this book for anybody who's looking to start something new in their life, looking for a little inspiration or just need a little help overcoming obstacles that may be in their way."



Julie "Brain Lady" Anderson

marla j. albertie

Dr. Bridget anderson

emma weaver

jayme ely

leah sefor

marie wallace

tina wefer

linda rodgers 

nicky rowbotham

cheyenne martin

erica saccoccio

kate paine

lou hamilton

michelle erskine

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